A Happy Ending

by HEAB on September 22, 2011

Date in your 20’s. Break up…several times and listen to this song over & over.

Give up on love. Dedicate life to work and going to the gym. Listen to this song over & over.

Meet random boy when you least expect it. Never think he’s the one. Run into random boy over and over. Develop a wee little crush. Then show up wherever you think he will be. In other words, stalk him.

Hang out one day and the next and then every day after that. Fall in love and listen to David Gray sing This Year’s Love over and over.


Realize this year’s love did last and get married. Hang out, drink coffee on the weekends while reading the paper, get a dog or two, watch episodes of Conan and cuddle on the couch. Disagree sometimes and argue. Think of throwing things at CD’s head, but discover screaming into a pillow works just as well. Talk. Hug. Be grateful that you are in love with your best friend.

Create life together.


Fall in love all over again when husband becomes dad.

Remember the closing scene in Notting Hill…the one on the park bench? I remember when I saw the movie thinking, I want that some day

Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 10.13.26 AM.png

Fast forward to the present. One day, I was walking up to Summer’s room and noticed this framed photo…


and it hit me. I got my Notting Hill ending.


Happy Anniversary CD. I love you. -Heather Pie

All family photos courtesy of Emily Smallcomb Family Photography.