by HEAB on September 25, 2011

It was a busy weekend here in Nashville. I had a friend come in town to run the Women’s Half Marathon and look who I got to meet at the Expo.


Michelle, one half of the amazing Pure2Raw twins.

Michelle was in town working with Jen, her sister, at the Raw Threads booth, Jen’s company. It was so great to finally meet in person as I think of the twins as good friends. Not only are they two of the nicest and most sincere bloggers I know, but they also create delicious delicacies for their company, Twin Cakes Bakery. Talk about a family of entrepreneurs! Michelle, I can’t wait to hang out again someday, but next time you must bring Lori with you!

Michelle was also kind enough to share some Twin Cakes Bakery goodies with me, and when we got home from the Expo, I threw a really random plate together for lunch…


One of Sarena’s lentil burgers (Oh my gosh, have you tried this recipe?!? So simple and delicious. Thanks Sarena!), and the rest of my plate was filled with Twin Cakes food: Collard Sesame Flatbread, Plain Jane Crackers, and a Mint Chip Coconut Bite. I loved the combo of the lentil burger with the flatbread and crackers, and don’t even get me started on that little ball of mint flavored happiness. Seriously, like biting into a fluffy Andes Mint. Yum!

Kristen, my friend from out of town, then requested frozen yogurt, and I happily obliged.


Instead of loading up on toppings at Sweet CeCe’s, I brought my own. Thanks again Michelle! No one does carob quite like you and Lori. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!