A Reunion With My Favorite Pen Pal

by HEAB on September 27, 2011

Like I mentioned in my last post, my friend Kristen flew to Nashville from LA to run the Women’s Half Marathon. Kristen and I studied abroad together in London during college and have kept in touch ever since. One of Kristen’s unique qualities is that she writes actual letters and sends care packages. It’s rare that we actually email each other, and I love that about our friendship.

Some photos from our weekend together…


Kristen requested a donut after her race, and we went straight to Krispy Kreme. I opted out of any post-race carbs but did enjoy my share of carbo loading over the weekend…


If you’re ever in town and looking for the real deal when it comes to southern food, you much check out The Loveless Cafe. Best biscuits in Nashville!


Best ice-cream in Nashville? Jeni’s Splendid Ice-Cream. It’s not local, but made in Ohio, and all I have to say is GO BUCKEYES! Many apologies to my beloved Michigan, but this is some of the best ice-cream I’ve ever eaten. They packed my bowl with Gravel Road (salted caramel with smoked almonds), Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, and Backyard Mint. Wow.

And last but not least, look where my Chucks landed on Saturday afternoon…


Didn’t know I could play guitar, did you?

Loved seeing you again Kristen. It’s been way too long!

Happy Chuck Taylor Tuesday! :)