Cupcake Taste Testers

by HEAB on October 16, 2011

Last night, our friends Nate and Tonya came over for dinner. They were married while we were in Michigan, and we wanted to have them over to celebrate their nuptials…I also had ulterior motives. A certain someone’s first birthday is coming up, and I’m experimenting with various cupcake recipes. Little did our dinner guests know that they would be forced to sample cupcakes…thankfully, they didn’t mind too much.

We dined on goat cheese potato salad and an autumn salad with apples, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, and a creamy mustard vinaigrette dressing (loved the dressing Andrea!)…


Since Tonya is a vegetarian, I made lentil burgers


and CD made Butterfied Burgers with sauteed onions for the rest of us, although I did enjoy a lentil burger as well. My plate…


Then came time for dessert…


I made Sarena’s nutmeg muffins with goat cheese frosting.


Me: So, what did you think?

Nate & Tonya: These are really good. Banana bread muffins with cream cheese, right?

Um no, not exactly…the recipe didn’t contain bananas. So, it’s back to the drawing board for the birthday cupcakes, but if you’re looking for a wonderful muffin recipe, try Sarena’s. Delicious, especially if you like banana bread!

Actually, Andrea’s candied walnuts were the big hit of the evening…


Think I could just stick a birthday candle in them? 😉