Don’t Throw Out The Seeds

by HEAB on October 26, 2011

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Roast them!

This past weekend, we visited a local pumpkin patch and came home with two big pumpkins and five wee ones. Summer and I spent today carving and painting. After cleaning out the pumpkin, we rinsed, drained, and dried the seeds. To speed up the drying process, I spread the seeds in a single layer on a silpat lined baking sheet and put them in a 200℉ oven while we ate lunch. After lunch, they were dry and ready to be spiced.


After transferring the seeds to a foil lined baking sheet, I added a few dollops of coconut oil, 1/2 packet of stevia, lots of cinnamon, and a pinch of sea salt. Into a 325℉ oven they went.  After 10 minutes, I checked on the seeds, gave them a good stir, and then roasted them for another 10 minutes or so. I just kept them in until I heard a few pop. The kitchen smelled so good!

After an afternoon walk, I enjoyed some of my cinnamon sweetened seeds atop a bowl of pumpkin and Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness (best granola ever!). The seed + chocolate granola combo was perfect. Salty + sweet + crunchy + chocolate. Doesn’t get much better than that.


We still have another pumpkin to carve, and I can’t wait to make a batch of savory seeds. What do you do with your pumpkin seeds?