Munchie Madness

by HEAB on October 27, 2011

Nashville’s fall is amazing…


You know what else is amazing?


Lou’s Millet Munchies.

I whipped up a batch for Summer today and rolled half in Foods Alive black sesame seeds and the other half in unsweetened shredded coconut.


While carrying both Summer and the bowl of Munchies, her little hand kept grabbing ball after ball and shoving them in her mouth. Ever seen a baby’s face covered in black sesame seeds? Pretty darn humorous. Personally, I loved the coconut covered ones. Seriously Lou, you are becoming my go-to blog for baby recipes – she also has amazing recipes for the parents. In fact, I’m dying to try her sweet potato mayo, and the Millet Munchies are definitely going on my list of favorite HEABlet foods!


Happy fall…or spring to all my Vegemite/Marmite lovin’ readers.