Birthday Cupcakes Take 2

by HEAB on October 31, 2011

On Friday night, we had our friends Mark and Erin over for our favorite dinner party meal as of late…


This salad with goat cheese, candied walnuts, and apples, Butterfied Burgers, and goat cheese potato salad with fresh chives. Dessert was the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake


We’re holding off on giving Summer whole eggs and wheat, and so taking Sarena’s advice, I subbed 1/2 all purpose gluten free baking flour and 1/2 brown rice flour + 1/2 tsp xanthan gum for the cake flour, and for the eggs, I used 2 TBSP flax seed gelled in 6 TBSP warm water.

The frosting was vanilla bean buttercream, and I loved how you could see the vanilla bean specks…


The verdict from our cupcake taste testers?


Really good but a little floury tastying. CD and I liked them, but thought they were too sweet, especially the frosting.

Stay tuned for Round 3…we have a winner!