Donuts With A Savory Twist

by HEAB on November 10, 2011

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One of my good friends included a donut pan in Summer’s birthday gift so that she and I could play around with donut recipes together. Thanks Jessica – such a thoughtful gift (I mentioned wanting a donut pan in a post a few months ago). We’ve been playing catch up all week, but I decided today would be donut experimentation morning. So, after playing stack the rings and knock them down and chasing Summer around the nursery for an hour with her stuffed dog (her favorite game), we needed a change of scenery. Donut time!

I didn’t have anything prepared for Summer’s lunch today, and I’ve had Sarena’s Cheesy Filled Muffins on my mind ever since she posted them. Hmm, savory donuts…why not?


For lunch, I planned on serving the donuts with hummus and goat cheese, but both Summer and I enjoyed them plain. We each took a few bites as soon as we got home from our morning walk, and before I knew it, 4 donuts were gone (thanks mostly to me). So good, and I can’t wait to experiment with various ingredients. I’m thinking fresh basil & sun dried tomatoes…Mmm, Italian donuts dipped in pizza sauce! Yep, I see lots of savory donuts in our future. Sarena, thanks for the inspiration, and Jessica, thanks for the donut pan.  We love it!