What A Difference A Year Can Make

by HEAB on November 13, 2011

Remember this photo?


Well, here we are, a little over one year later…


Emily recreated the photo with Summer on my belly instead of in it.

We invited Emily and her husband Chris to Summer’s first birthday party, and they arrived a few hours early to take some family photos in our favorite park. They then stayed and took pictures throughout the entire day. It was so nice because not once did I think about picking up my camera. All my focus was on Summer that day, and it was perfect. Although, I did take one picture during Summer’s afternoon nap. Before all the guests arrive, Emily and Chris helped with party prep (THANK YOU!!). Chris was on balloon duty while Emily helped out in the kitchen. Here she is making sunbutter and jelly sandwich bites…


Photographer, sandwich maker…a woman of many talents. :)

For the rest of Emily’s amazing photos of our little family, please click here. Birthday party pictures to come soon! Emily and Chris, thank you for being with us to celebrate Summer’s first year of life and for capturing so many memories this past year. We love you guys!