Not My Typical Lunch

by HEAB on November 15, 2011

Guess what? I did not eat a peanut butter/banana/Marmite sandwich today for lunch…which is kind of a miracle because I’ve ¬†been eating them almost everyday since Emmy told me about her beloved combo. It’s just easy to throw together and so darn tasty.

Today’s wet weather prevented Summer and I from going on our usual morning stroll. ¬†Therefore, I cooked, and Summer entertained herself with her favorite toy, aka any large cardboard box. I haven’t prepared a lunch that requires the oven in quite some time, but now that it’s getting cooler out, I’m sure I’ll be using it more often. Lies, lies, lies – these days I’m all about the toaster oven or microwave. However, I will be making this meal again as it was delicious.


I made Steph’s Marmite Baked Chickpeas (had to get the Marmite in there somewhere). Loved this recipe Steph, and I should never have waited this long to make it! I changed things up a bit by using 1 can of chickpeas and 1 can of kidney beans. I only used about 1/2 TBSP Marmite and subbed 1/2 packet of stevia for the brown sugar in the seasoning blend. Then with about 5 or 10 minutes of cooking time left, I stirred in a few handfuls of spinach.

Ate it all atop a baked potato with a dollop of sour cream and lots of fresh pepper.


Such a good salty/sweet combo, and it paired well with the sour cream, but then again, what doesn’t? Still fear the Marmite? If so, try Steph’s recipe. It will convert you, and then you can join me for a PB/naner/Marmite sandwich. See you soon?