Early AM Outings

by HEAB on November 23, 2011

I’ve decided that I need to go out for breakfast more often. After all, breakfast food is my favorite, and it’s nice to get out and about and see people. Nothing like the hustle & bustle of a busy local coffee shop early in the morning – I love people watching, and it makes for a great distraction until morning nap time!

Yesterday, Summer and I went out for coffee at The Frothy Monkey. Well, I had a coffee, a vanilla cafe au lait to be exact, and Summer snacked on raisins.


This morning, I met my friend Rayna for breakfast at Sky Blue Cafe, a fun little neighborhood restaurant on the east side of town, and I was so excited to see that they serve Drew’s Brews, my favorite local coffee!


Along with my cafe au lait, I ordered a toasted jalapeno and cheddar bagel with cream cheese. So yeah, that’s not mold on my bagel – it’s a jalapeno. I love toasted bagels, and I love a good cup of coffee smothered in foam. Happy morning to me.


I never take my jacket and scarf off throughout the winter months. Seriously, I don’t.

So, that’s where my Chucks and I have been this week – at breakfast. Such a great way to start the day!

Happy Chuck Taylor Tuesday (one day late), and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!