The Countdown Is On

by HEAB on December 3, 2011

The other day, my friend Emily and her daughter, Ellie, invited us over to make Advent calendars. So, Summer and I happily gathered ourselves together and drove over to Emily’s as I never turn down a good craft project. While the girls entertained themselves with toys (read our cell phones, the remote control, and Emily’s CD collection), Emily and I got busy cutting some felt. Below is my finished product.


I hung mine on the back of our front door so that Summer could have easy access to it. This project was a lot of fun and fairly simple. Emily bought the felt by the yard. We cut out our trees and twenty-five individual pockets along with a star and a tree trunk. By the time everything was cut, it was time for Summer and I to get home for dinner. So, the next day, I hot glued the pockets, star, and trunk onto the tree. I found the little holiday decorations at Michael’s, and hot glued them directly onto the pockets.


Now, let me preface the next step with I DO NOT SEW. I think I could probably sew a button onto a shirt if my life depended on it, but that’s about it. Therefore, trust me, anyone can do this. I went to a yarn store and bought felting yarn and a needle big enough to thread the yarn and sharp enough to pierce the felt. I then spent a little over an hour threading the yarn around the edge of my tree. Easy – I promise. In fact, I don’t think I ever cursed this project once, and that’s saying a lot.

Now, I just need to fill the pockets. We have a miniature nativity scene, and I was thinking about wrapping up each individual piece in tissue paper and putting the whole nativity scene together over the next few weeks, ending with baby Jesus on the 25th. However, there are only six pieces total, and so I’m going to have to fill the rest of the pockets with other little trinkets. Maybe I’ll write out the Christmas story on individual pieces of paper, and we can read part of it everyday…or maybe I’ll just fill the remaining pockets with Hershey’s Kisses…the almond ones of course. Hmm, might have to move the calendar out of reach of a certain little someone this year. 😉