I Still Eat Breakfast

by HEAB on December 16, 2011

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Remember when I used to post nothing but photos of my breakfast?  Well, I still eat it, and today I’m bringing back the breakfast talk…

So, let’s talk bagels.  Pictured above is my favorite breakfast as of late. First, I toast a honey wheat bagel.  Then, one half gets Dijon mustard, a sliced tomato, and Muenster cheese, and the other half gets crunchy peanut butter. I then toast the whole thing again so that the cheese and PB get all melty.  Last but not least, the PB half gets a smear of the world’s best preserves. Ever since I was little, I’ve deconstructed my sandwiches, and this bagel is no different.  First I eat the tomato and melted cheese and then enjoy my slightly sweet bagel with mustard.  For dessert I go to town on the PB & J half.  What is it about the PB & J combo?  Never gets old.

Where’s the coffee you ask?  Oh, there is always coffee.  Since Summer and I are often out and about in the mornings, I’ve developed a really bad Starbucks peppermint mocha habit.  Let’s just say my wallet will be quite happy when the seasonal drinks are gone!