What I Do At Home All Day

by HEAB on January 4, 2012

First off, thank you for all the birthday wishes.  It made my whole day reading through all your comments!

These days, my life revolves around playtime, nap time, and our trips to the library for story time.  When Summer is awake, I really try to be completely present for her, but when she’s asleep, I like to do grown-up things. :)

Here’s what I did today during nap time…

I baked…

Using XO Baking Co.’s gluten free chocolate chip cookie baking mix, I made cookie bars (baked at 350°F for 30 minutes).  I packed some to take to my mom and brother, and CD and I got the rest.  At first bite, they tasted a little off – when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I’m used the Nestle Toll House homemade version.  However, after the 2nd bite, I decided they were quite tasty.

After Summer woke up, we drove over to Nonna’s house to deliver her cookies, and my mom gave me bread baking lessons.  She’s teaching me how to make her homemade sourdough, and I’ll share the recipe soon…if I manage to keep the starter alive.

Tonight after Summer was all tucked in, I finished a product I started earlier in the day…

Homemade thank you cards.  I tried letting Summer help me make them, but she wasn’t so into it.  So, I had to finish them up after she went to bed.

There you have it, what I do while my baby sleeps.  Oh, in I did get in three loads of laundry as well, but no vacuuming.  I really need one of those vacuuming robot thingies!