My New Favorite Cookie

by HEAB on January 23, 2012

Today, we baked cookies with a new ingredient.

Caramel Bits.

We made Christin’s Cocoa Caramel Chickpea Cookies, and although Oaties will always hold a special place in my heart, Christin’s cookies are my favorite for the time being.  I followed her recipe, but subbed coconut milk for the almond milk, walnuts for the pecans, and used Hershey’s Dark Cocoa Powder.  Christin, I made sure to toast the walnuts. :)

The melted caramel center is what makes this cookie.  They remind me of the turtle brownies my mom used to make, which I always enjoyed warm with vanilla ice-cream…

Yep, just as good as I remembered.

I know a lot of my posts are sugar heavy lately, but I’m just going with my cravings these days.  You could always leave the caramel bits out…but you really shouldn’t. 😉

Christin, thanks again for such a delicious recipe!