Back In The Kitchen

by HEAB on January 26, 2012

My first trimester was no fun, but I’m starting to feel better and have been spending more time in the kitchen.  In fact, I have actually prepared dinner for the whole family twice this past week – a huge step for me.  For the past few months, CD has been fending for himself every night, and Summer has been eating a lot of baked sweet potatoes and other easy to prepare meals. However, this week, I made my favorite lasagna, and after seeing Sarena, Kristin, and Rachel all loving on some enchiladas, I started craving Mexican.  So, since I’ve had Jenna’s chicken enchilada recipe bookmarked for over three years now, I decided it was time.

I stuck to Jenna’s recipe but used sprouted corn tortillas and regular sour cream and cheese.  For dinner, I slopped two of the enchiladas onto my plate and thoroughly enjoyed every ooey gooey bite. Then CD and I both went back for seconds.

I also managed to keep my mom’s bread starter alive and made my first batch of homemade sourdough.  For the recipe, please click here.  It makes three loaves, and the plan was to keep one loaf and give the other two away.  Well, CD arrived home from work just as I was pulling the bread from the oven.  He started eating our loaf before I could snap a photo, and this is what he left me…

So, I guess we can consider my first solo attempt at homemade sourdough a success! :)