The Evolution of PB Cup Oats

by HEAB on January 30, 2012

Bear with me. ┬áLots of peanut butter and chocolate cravings happening around here…


A pre-dawn bowl of oat bran with 1 TBSP Brewer’s yeast stirred in after cooking & topped with Trader Joe’s milk chocolate mini PB cups.

Sadness: Running out of ┬áTrader Joe’s mini PB cups.

Happiness: Attending a baby shower where the party favor is a box of milk chocolate covered peanuts…

Oat bran with vanilla protein powder stirred in after cooking & topped with some darn good chocolate covered peanuts.

Sadness: Finishing off the chocolate covered peanuts and wishing I had grabbed two boxes on my way out the door.

Happiness: Finding leftover Christmas candy in the freezer…

Oat bran + Brewer’s yeast + Reese’s Christmas Tree = Bliss In A Bowl