Eric Carle Inspired Valentines

by HEAB on February 4, 2012

Valentine’s Day was always so fun back in elementary school.  Did anyone else make Valentine’s mailboxes out of old shoeboxes?  We made them every year, and each student brought in a card for every classmate.  We’d have a class party involving candy and cupcakes – always cupcakes, and then mail our cards to each other.  To those of you with young children, does this still happen?  I sure hope so, as it was always one of my favorite days at school.

This year, I decided to make cards for Summer to send out to her buddies.  Since we love Eric Carle, I wanted to try his tissue paper painting method and somehow incorporate it into our cards.

So, following his method, we painted several layers of paint onto tissue paper.

A few tips:

  • I found it worked better if I used two pieces of tissue paper at a time.  With only one sheet, it kept ripping whenever I applied paint.
  • We used acrylic paints diluted with water.  Make sure to use quick light brushstrokes and apply the paint in thin layers.  Every once in a while pick up your tissue paper to make sure it’s not sticking to your painting surface.
  • At first I laid my tissue paper onto some newspaper, but the paint went through and caused the tissue paper to tear and stick to the newspaper.  I then switched to a piece of foam board, and it worked great.  I’m sure poster board or any solid surface would work as well.  Between coats, I laid the tissue paper on newspaper to dry.

After two or three coats of paint, I carved a heart into a potato and stamped away.  Thanks for the idea Marty – Potato worked great!

After the tissue paper completely dried, we cut out heart shapes (and by we, I mean I.  Summer isn’t so into art projects quite yet) and glued them onto solid colored stationary with Elmer’s glue.

It’s like a Hungry Caterpillar love fest. :)