Bring Your Own Topping

by HEAB on February 8, 2012

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This morning, I made another one of Christin’s chickpea cookie recipes.  Thus far, I’ve made her Cocoa Caramel cookies, the  PB Explosion cookies, and today I made the chocolate mint version.   I know I say that each version is my new favorite, and I’m going to say it again today…although the PB Explosions come in a close second.

I doubled the recipe, added toasted walnuts, skipped the honey, and only used 1/4 tsp peppermint extract.  Thanks Christin – I’ve decided I need to start buying chickpeas in bulk. :)

After our morning cookie baking session, Summer and I joined our friend Tonya for a frozen yogurt date,

and while Summer snacked on her blueberries…

I enjoyed a cup of peanut butter and coffee frozen yogurt with whipped cream and two of the chocolate mint cookies.

Yes, I brought my own toppings.  Couldn’t resist and managed to save myself a few bucks too.  Those toppings always drive up the cost of my cups.  I like the heavy stuff – yes, brownie chunks, I’m talking to you!