A Hidden Gem

by HEAB on February 16, 2012

Things got a little fancy around here for lunch today.  Normally, I put Summer down for her nap and then scarf down some type of wrap sandwich and afterwards, attack the ice-cream carton with a fork while trying to knock out my to-do list before nap time ends.  Random fact: I like to eat my ice-cream with a fork, and scrape around the edges of the carton when the ice-cream starts to melt.  The BEST!   Anyway, today I took the time to actually cook something, and it was well worth the effort.  I made fish tacos…

Chris and I are both trying to eat more fish and recently bought some wild cod at Costco.  I followed this simple recipe but next time will add a little salt.  The tacos were good, but my favorite part of the meal was hidden underneath…

Ashley’s Black Bean Crema.

Oh my Ashley, you have outdone yourself with this one!  I followed her recipe but browned my spices in pastured butter instead of olive oil.  Delicious!

And now it’s time for ice-cream.  Today’s flavor of choice: Heavenly Hash.  Mmm, heavenly. :)