A Weekend of P’s

by HEAB on February 19, 2012

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Play dates…

Paint samples:

We’ve decided on Behr’s Natural Grey for the twins’ room.  We’re having some repairs and painting done to their room this week, and yesterday and today have involved a lot of furniture moving and organizing.  Nick, thanks again for coming over and helping CD with all the moving.  I just took your Oaties out of the oven. :)

This morning, I puffed it up with a…

Puffed Pancake.

The recipe can be found in the comment section of this Rockstar Diaires Post.  I followed Naomi’s recipe but subbed oat flour and almond milk.  My toppings were butter, yogurt, and maple syrup. So good – like an oatmeal crepe!  OK, back to organizing…

Happy Pancake Sunday!