Life Lately

by HEAB on February 27, 2012

An update, shall we?

I rejoined the Y, and even though a certain someone is NOT a fan of the nursery, we’re still trying to go a few days a week.  I miss my yoga studio, but for some reason they frown upon bringing toddlers to class.  On nice days, we walk outside, but Nashville can get rather cold and dreary in the winter.  So, the Y gives us something to do.  I usually just walk on the treadmill for thirty minutes while Little One sits on the lap of a nursery employee, not playing with the other kids.  I’m loving being back, and the short break for this mama is really refreshing.

I usually hate all food after 5 PM.  The night time nausea is sticking around much longer with this pregnancy, and I have to force myself to eat at night.  Since I need to gain weight (a little behind on that due to hating all food), I’m trying to eat more during the day when I feel better.  However, if I eat a lot at once, I get sick.  So, it’s small meals and a lot of snacking during the morning and afternoon.

Favorite meals as of late…

Anything with Ashley’s Black Bean Crema.  I prefer it super thick and make the recipe with two cups of black beans.  Can’t get enough.  Today’s lunch: Two small baked potatoes filled with the crema, sour cream, and salsa.

Another typical plate…

I crave grilled chicken + melted cheese + wing sauce everyday.  Pretty, isn’t it?

Not into sweets so much, unless it involves Hershey Kisses with almonds.  Gosh, those are good!

My favorite dress at the Oscars?


Penelope Cruz looked absolutely stunning.  Side note: I fell asleep at 7:15 and missed the entire show.

My doctor wants me to lie down for several hours everyday.  To all the other moms out there, go ahead…you can laugh.  I did.  However, I’m really trying to rest while Summer naps. The good doctor also told us travel this month wasn’t the best idea. Bad news: Had to cancel my road trip to Atlanta and stop dreaming about planning a Babymoon.  Good news: Doctor also recommended pre-natal massages.  Can’t argue with that! :)

We ordered all the nursery furniture and bedding this weekend as we’re trying to get everything ready early so that I can get plenty of rest during my third trimester.  Can’t wait to get the twins’ room all put together.

So goes life.  What’s happening with you?