Goodwill Frame Project

by HEAB on March 3, 2012

A few months ago, I bought several photo frames at Goodwill.  I should have taken before pictures of them (they were old blah brown wood but only $.99 each), and here are some of the finished products…

The two front frames came from Goodwill, and the other two are actually craft frames from Michael’s .

First, I spray painted the one below with spray paint leftover from this project.  Easy.

Next up, I painted several layers of paint on the following frame alternating between yellow and white.  I then roughed it up with some sandpaper and finished it off with a tiny bit of brown acrylic paint mixed with clear gloss.

For the Michael’s frame, I covered the first one in tissue paper that came with an Anthropologie purchase.  Just cut the tissue paper into squares and brush onto frame in overlapping layers with a glue + water mixture. Again, finish off with a coat of clear gloss.  I also painted the sides and back of the frame with brown acrylic paint.

The above three frames took less than an hour of to make, not counting drying time.  The yarn covered frame took a while longer, and you can read more about it here.

Now I have four new frames all ready for Emily’s future pictures of the twins. :)