The Twins’ Room

by HEAB on March 16, 2012

Well, nursery #2 is all ready.  When we decorated Summer’s room, we kept everything gender neutral so that we could use it again for future children.  However, Summer won’t be vacating her room for a while, and so we transformed our guest room into a room for the twins.  We wanted to go ahead and get everything in place so that I can get plenty of rest during my last few months of pregnancy.  When looking for nursery inspiration, it was really helpful to read where all items were purchased.  So, I’ve listed the details below each photo.

  • Curtains – Pottery Barn Kids Mini Dot Panels with Blackout Liner in Grey (A gift from Nonna.  Thanks Mom!)
  • The painted unit used to house an old TV but now holds all the baby blankets.
  • The storage baskets are all from Target.  The smaller ones were on clearance a couple of weeks ago, and the two larger baskets are from the Smith & Hawkin line.
  • The chair is on loan from my mom…although it’s been a part of our guest room for a while now.  Since it matches, we decided to keep it in the twins’ room until we move them upstairs.  For the first several months, we plan to keep the babies down in the master bedroom with us.  So, we’re moving the LaZBoy from Summer’s room downstairs to use as a rocker/glider and will then put it in the twins’ room once they start sleeping upstairs.

The best advice I ever received regarding nursery furniture was to get a LaZBoy recliner instead of a rocker or glider.  I can’t tell you how nice it was during those middle-of-the-night sessions with Summer, and we often reclined back and took naps together in it during the day.  It’s big and comfy and is perfect for a breastfeeding pillow as well.  Plus, you can use it again in another room when you’re done rocking babies.  Thanks again to all of you who told me to go for the recliner. So glad we did!

This old entertainment center was left behind by a friend when she moved from Nashville to Seattle, and I happily claimed it.  It’s old and the paint is chipping, but I love it.  Again, we’re storing baby and swaddling blankets in the spot where the TV used to live.  There are a lot of blankets shoved in there, and it wasn’t very pleasing to the eye.  So, I bought some fabric and made a curtain using the no-sew method.  Yes, I ironed, and it was really easy!  The brushed nickel curtain rod and rings are from Target.

We thought it would be nice to have a bed in the twins’ room, and so we swapped out the double bed that used to be a part of our guest room with an old twin bed we had stored out back.  The bedding is all from Target, except for the alphabet pillow which was another gift from Nonna.  The nightstand consists of two crates I purchased at Michael’s years ago, and the bedside lamp is from Target.

So, that’s it.  I’m really pleased with how the room came together, and I hope the twins will be happy in it. :)

P.S. For all my fellow Nashvillians, we hired ModerNash to pick up our IKEA furniture in Atlanta.  They were great to work with, and I highly recommend them!  No affiliation with the company, we were just really pleased with their services.