A Dinner Inspired Breakfast

by HEAB on March 19, 2012

A good friend recently sent me her favorite fish recipe.  Chris and I ate it for dinner a few nights ago, and now it’s our favorite fish recipe.  It was so easy to make and only took about 10 minutes.  Thanks friend!

Broiled Cod Parmesan with black bean crema

Ashley is currently transferring her blog to a new host, and if you can’t access her black bean crema recipe, it should be up shortly.  So please try again soon – so good.  Oh, and regarding the fish recipe, I was going to sub sour cream for the mayo but completely forgot to add it.  Totally not necessary as the fish still turned out great!

The above dinner inspired the next morning’s breakfast as I could not get the savory goodness of Parmesan cheese out of my head…

Cheesy Oat Bran Custard

Bring 1/2 cup oat bran + 1 cup water + pinch of salt to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for about a minute, stirring constantly.  Add one egg and continue cooking & stirring over low heat until egg is cooked through (watch for the cooked whites).  Remove from heat and stir in a 1/2 TBSP butter.  Top with Parm and hot sauce.  Devour.

Belly was very happy. :)