Look Who’s Here

by HEAB on July 3, 2012

The twins arrived a little over two weeks ago, and they are finally home with us after spending some time in the NICU. They are healthy and happy, and we could not be more grateful for these two sweet babies.

After a very uneventful pregnancy, I unexpectedly went into pre-term labor at 35 weeks.  Due to the position of one of the babies, I ended up with a c-section (which was not bad at all by the way).  Two weeks later, I’m feeling great and just trying to soak in every precious second of our newborns.  Not sure when I’ll get back to blogging regularly – maybe in a few months, or maybe in a few years.

Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, and love.  I miss all of you more than you know, but for the time being, I just want to be a mama. :)