Letting Go

by HEAB on July 10, 2012

This blog has been my creative outlet for over three years now, and I’ve decided I NEED a creative outlet in my life.  So, in-between cuddle time, diaper changes, play dates, and walks with the stroller(s), I’ve decided to pop in when I have something to say, and today I have something to say.

I was not in a good place after I had Summer.  However, I didn’t realize that until I gave birth a second time.  The recent arrival of our twins has been an entirely different experience.  With Summer, breastfeeding didn’t work out, and I was devastated.  As grateful as I am that Summer got six months of my milk (I pumped), looking back, I put way too much pressure on myself.  We were on such a strict feeding/supplementing/pumping schedule, that I rarely left the house those first few months, and I didn’t want people coming over for visits.  It was hard.  I promised myself that if we had another baby, I’d go easier on myself, and with the twins I am.  I’ve let a lot go, and fortunately, we have help, lots of help.  In the past, I did not like to ask for or accept help.  Again, had to let that go.  Other things I’ve let go…The laundry.  Sometimes it gets done and sometimes not.  Sweeping the floors.  There is dog hair accumulating in the corners of several rooms.  Oh well.  Being anti-media.  Summer sometimes watches more than 30 minutes of her Veggie Tales DVD, and that’s okay.  Breastfeeding.  I am not going crazy trying to pump every 2 hours.  However, do you know what I am doing?  I’m enjoying every second that I can with our newborns.  We’re babywearing and cuddling, and it’s pretty amazing.  We’re inviting people over, and I’m getting out of the house when I can.  I’m taking Summer to play dates and story time at the library.   I”m making our children my number one priority, and everything else can wait. I’m listening to everyone who told me to enjoy every second of our new baby(ies) because they grow up way too fast.  It’s so true.

You know what else I’m doing these days?  Enjoying some good food,  Last night, our friends brought over quinoa casserole and 2-ingredient fudge.  Love when people stalk my blog and make recipes we love.  Thanks Tonya and Nate!

The quinoa casserole is similar to Ashley’s recipe, but with cottage cheese instead of chickpeas, and thyme instead of parsley.  So delicious!

And of course I enjoyed the 2-ingredient fudge over a bowl of warm cinnamon oat bran.  Some things never change. :)