What’s Up?

by HEAB on August 6, 2012

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that the time had come.  Yes my friends, it is time to embrace the crockpot, and I asked my friends for their favorite recipes.  Several of them recommended this site, and after perusing, I decided to try the Honey Lentils.  Verdict: Delicious!

Not only have I embraced the crockpot, but I have also embraced taking all photos with my iPhone.  It’s just so darn easy, but I hope to get out my DSLR soon.  I miss it!

For the lentils, I used chopped carrots rather than shredded, cut the amount of salt in half, left out the soy sauce, and only used about 1/4 cup honey.  Got all that?  Anyway, it turned out great, and we ate it atop roasted eggplant.

In other news, I finally made it back to the yoga studio.  I’m taking a Mommy & Me yoga class with Charlie and Katie once a week throughout August.  I did the same class with Summer, and I’m grateful that it worked out for me to go with the twins.

The babes slept while I got in a great abs workout.  I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

Oh yeah, I also cut off seven inches of my hair, went super blond, and got bangs.  Then, thinking my new do made me look too old, I got my nose repierced.  Third life crisis much?  Perhaps, but oh well, it was time for a change. :)

 Oh, and look who came to town yesterday…

My favorite photographer and her husband, Chris.

We spent all morning shooting the babies and their big sister and then celebrated with lunch at Chipotle.  Three hours of photos with a 21 month old and two 7 week old infants had me craving chips and guac in a major way. Emily, it was so good to have you guys back in town, and we can’t wait to see the photos!

So, that’s what’s up in my life.  Your turn.  Oh, and do you have a favorite crockpot recipe to share?  Nothing too stinky please.  I once tried making an Indian dish in our slow cooker, and our house smelled like curry for a week.