Worth Repeating

by HEAB on August 14, 2012

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Vegetables used to compromise about 75% of my diet.  Then I got pregnant and could not look at anything green for months.  I used to freak out if I didn’t get in my daily quota of spinach, broccoli, etc., but now I’ll go days without eating anything from the garden…not that I have one.  I leave the gardening up to Katie and Rachel.  Anyway, I do enjoy a good salad or plate of stir-fry, but they no longer happen everyday.  So when I do prepare vegetables, it feels a little more special.

Last week, my friend Kari delivered this amazing meal for dinner…

Adzuki beans with kale, roasted veggies, and basil quinoa.  Not pictured: grilled peaches with mascarpone cheese (b/c they disappeared too fast!)

I was a little obsessed with the bean + kale dish and decided I had to recreate it myself.  However, the grocery store was out of kale.  So, I bought a bag of turnip greens and tried my hand at the recipe.  I soaked the beans overnight so they cooked up a bit faster and used low sodium soy sauce and only about half of what the recipe called for.  I love my salt, but I always use half when trying out a new recipe.  I’d rather have to add salt in the end than serve a too-salty dish.  I also used red beans instead of Adzuki beans.  Verdict…

CD: What did you cook in here?!? Our house stinks.

Me: Yummy vegetables and a stinky house.  Success!

Leftovers served with a mozzarella filled omelet.

CD, it’s time to invest in some nose clips as I will be making this again. :)