by HEAB on September 26, 2012

We used to be a 3-meal a day family, plus a snack or two if anyone got hungry.  Well, apparently someone didn’t get that memo…

Hiking with her snack cup.

Knack knack knack – our favorite word these days.  When we first introduced Summer to solids, I tried to sit down with her for at least one or two meals a day.  However, since the twins arrived, that doesn’t happen much anymore,  and by the time Summer eats breakfast, I’ve usually been up for a while (read I’ve already eaten, and I’m on my second or third cup of coffee).  She also eats an early lunch and dinner, and it’s challenging for me to sit down with her at those times.   I’m doing my best to prepare meals for her, but most days, she’d rather just graze.

Some of our favorite snacks (this week anyway) include cheese, raisins, blueberries, grapes, rice Chex cereal, these animal cookies, and bananas.  We went through a Larabar phase, but nope, those are all done now.  Cashews get thrown at the dogs as does anything else with a disagreeable texture.  We avoid wheat & cinnamon (allergies), and that limits us when it comes to the usual snack cup-friendly fare.  In other words, no cheerios, goldfish, graham crackers, etc.  However, I did find a great recipe for gluten-free cheese crackers that were a huge hit with the whole family.

I used this recipe and highly recommend it.  Was super easy too!

I would love any other ideas for portable snacks.  Please leave your favorites in the comments below…PLEASE. 😉

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