Holiday Ideas

by HEAB on October 18, 2012

I’ve been attending a mom’s group at a local church here in Nashville.  We listen to a speaker, eat a yummy brunch, and then break out into smaller groups with an older mom serving as the group’s mentor.  It’s nice to discuss mamahood with other women going through similar experiences.  Motherhood fills me with much joy, but some days, it’s just really hard…and by the way, many thanks to the childcare workers that volunteer during the mom’s group to love on my babies!  Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the ideas we discussed during our last meet-up regarding holiday traditions.

 The leaves are finally changing, and I feel like fall is in full-swing.  Love this time of year!

Holidays were a huge deal for my family growing up, and I loved all of our traditions.  I’d like to pass some of them on to the kids, but Chris and I also hope to create new traditions of our very own.

Leaves collected on a recent walk.


  • Go to the local pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins.  We have some wonderful farms nearby that offer corn mazes and hay rides, and we hope to go to one this weekend.
  • Go apple picking and then make an apple crisp or pie.

Summer and I got crafty and made Halloween decor out of old nut butter jars (inspired by these).

Some of the fun holiday traditions others shared:


  • Cut leaves from construction or scrapbooking paper, write on each leaf what you are thankful for, string them up and make a Thankful Garland.  Or, make a handprint turkey and write what you are thankful for on each feather.


  • Pajama Night – Sometime during the holiday season, pack up some hot chocolate and cookies and wake up the kids.  Pack everyone into the car in their pajamas and drive around looking at Christmas lights while eating cookies and sipping hot cocoa.

Me & Summer in our Christmas PJ’s last year.  Twins were there too – in my belly. :)

  • Purchase a Nativity set and take the kids to pick out a new piece for the set every year. Side note – my younger brother and I fought over who got to set up the Nativity every year, and once, while unpacking our Christmas decorations, my mom found a note that I had written, wrapped around the Baby Jesus saying it was my turn that year.  Not very Jesus-like, but my mom was pretty amused.

Valentine’s Day

  • Eat an all-red dinner.  A salad with tomatoes, red bell peppers, craisins, etc., stuffed red peppers, pasta with tomato sauce, red pepper hummus, tomato soup, red velvet cupcakes, apple crisp, etc.  The possibilities are endless.


And for a rainy day…

  • Paint a large cardboard box, and it magically transforms into a fort.  Or, make a pillow fort.  My brother and I loved our pillow forts!
  • A dining table picnic – Cover the dining room table in blankets or sheets and picnic in your tent.
  • Save the plastic eggs leftover from Easter and hold year-round egg hunts in the house.  Even better, fill the eggs with various trinkets and prizes.
  • Sock matching game – Dump different family members’ socks onto the floor and let the kids match all the socks.  Then return the socks back to the proper owners’ room.
  • Washable finger paints in the bathtub.  When finished, simply take a bath.
  • Blanket bath – Throw a bunch of blankets in the tub and take a bath.  Fun for mom too. Thanks for the idea Leonie!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or rainy day activities?