Colorado Donuts

by HEAB on November 11, 2012

Let’s talk donuts, shall we?

Last week, CD and I took a quick trip to Colorado – two amazing days of hiking while the grandparents loved on all the kiddos.  It was our first time away together since before Summer was born, and although we missed our babies, we had a wonderful time.

Hiking in Evergreen.

An early evening walk followed by a delicious dinner at Waterloo in Louisville.  LOVED Louisville.

Exploring the Poudre River Trail in Fort Collins.

So what does our trip to Colorado have to do with donuts?  Well, while in Fort Collins, we had a wonderful lunch with Jessie and Ashley, and Ashley made us all a batch of her gluten free donuts…

CD enjoying a donut after leaving Restaurant 415.

Ashley gave us six triple chocolate donuts similar to these, but made with almond meal instead of coconut flour.  We ate lunch with the girls at noon, and by the time we boarded our plane at 7 PM, all donuts were gone.  In other words, they were delicious!  I felt the need to share since I know many of you are on the lookout for good gluten free recipes .  Lucky for you Ashley is coming out with a gluten free donut cookbook due to be published in October 2013, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!  Until then, you can find many of her donut recipes, along with lots of other delicious dishes, on her recipe page.

Jessie and Ashley, it was so nice to finally meet you both in person, and Colorado?  Hope to be back soon!

Edited to Add: I recently made a batch of Ashley’s donuts…

Make some…you know you want to. :)