New House

by HEAB on July 22, 2013

So many changes happening for our family these days.  First off, we moved (and have been without Internet for two weeks.  Oh Internet, I rely on you way too much!).  Anyway, we had outgrown our current space and fortunately found a wonderful house in a neighborhood that we love.  And that’s that.  We said goodbye to our beloved first house together as a family, packed everything up, and here we are in our new place…

My view from bed our first night after the move.  SO MANY BOXES!

With a lot of help, I spent the first few days unpacking and organizing like crazy.  Things are coming together nicely, and we are loving our house – it already feels like home.  However, after a day of hanging photos and framed prints on the walls, there was a large blank space in the living room that bothered me.  We had originally thought about putting a TV there but decided to put a smaller TV in the office instead.  Truth be told, I forbid our large tube TV from coming to the new house (it’s now at Goodwill), and we’re still debating on whether we even want a TV in the house at all.  We didn’t want it to be the focal point of the living room, and honestly, I’m more of an Internet girl myself.  We’ll see if we change our minds once football season rolls around.  Anyway, back to the blank space on the wall.  It needed something, but I had nothing large enough to fill it.  DIY time!

This is a super easy project and cost me less me than $50.  First I purchased four canvases from Michael’s.  Make sure to check out the store’s weekly online coupon deal as it ended up saving me 25% off my purchase.  I also bought the following at Home Depot…

4 cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint (colors: aqua, eden, summer squash, and colonial red) + FrogTape. I have bought the cheaper blue painter’s tape many times, and trust me, FrogTape is so much better!

Next up, I taped my canvases…

For the leaves and bird, I simply cut them out of leftover card stock I had on hand and then taped them to the canvases with FrogTape.

The next morning, I spray painted each canvas with two coats, waiting about thirty minutes between coats, and after a few hours, I pulled off the tape…

Winter & Spring

Summer & Fall

The Four Seasons

Wall space filled!  Happy Home. :)

P.S. Baby #4 is a girl!!!!