Give Me Stir Fry

by HEAB on October 3, 2013

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My friend Jessica and I have a lot in common.  Our husbands work together, we both have two year old daughters, we’re both currently pregnant, and we both love Asian food.  So, every few weeks, we get together for dinner at various restaurants around town to discuss life over rice.  Last week, we met up for Vietnamese, and I’ve been craving a good veggie stir-fry ever since…not to mention spring rolls and peanut sauce.  I could seriously drink peanut sauce.

Anyway, tonight, I wowed CD with an Asian inspired dinner…mostly because any night I actually make dinner is kind of “wow” worthy.

My creation served over steamed black rice.

While Chris took the girls on a walk, Charlie and I chopped veggies, minced some garlic, and did a little stir-frying.  The adults enjoyed.  The kids demanded cheese.  We caved.  They’ll eat veggies someday, right?!?

And for dessert?  Peanut sauce!  Not really – I ate a few handfuls of chocolate chips, but a bowl full of rice with peanut sauce would have been perfect.