The Little Things Part II

by HEAB on July 7, 2014

Snacking on buttered and salted popcorn with bacon, candied walnuts, and chocolate chips.

 A few weeks ago, I took the kids to tour a local dairy farm, and while there, I purchased some of their whole cream.  My morning mug (or two…okay, three) of coffee never tasted so good.

We LOVE pesto around here, but buying fresh basil from the grocery store gets expensive.  The above basil plant cost me $10, and it has supplied us with homemade pesto all summer…well, for most of the summer anyway.  I got a little pesto happy two weeks ago, and I’m eagerly awaiting for my plant to fill out again.  When it’s low on leaves, we end up with more of a walnut-Parmesan dressing with basil (see photo below), but close enough!

My go-to pesto recipe here (toast the walnuts, use half the garlic, skip the butter, but add the salt).

I have searched and searched for an all natural deodorant that actually works, and I FINALLY FOUND IT!  Love the above stuff.  My scent of choice is patchouli.  Now, I love me some patchouli, but I don’t like to reek of the stuff.  However, the scent of this deodorant is light and perfect and makes me so happy.  Plus, it works really well.  I’ve been using it everyday for about a month and have barely made a dent in the jar.  So happy to have found you Happy Hippy!

Any other all natural products (that work really well) that I should know about?  My shower and kitchen sink could sure use some help as I have found nothing natural that works quite like Comet. :(