Baby Food

We began giving our baby solid foods at six months of age.  We started out using the Baby-Led Weaning approach but ended up adding in spoon-fed meals.  We never did the rice cereal thing or pureed much, but did a lot of mashing.  As I put this page together, the HEABlet is almost 12 months old and still has no teeth, but she is able to eat all of the recipes listed below.  We’ve also been dealing with some skin issues (eczema), and therefore all of my recipes are made without eggs, nuts, and wheat.  Dairy does not seem to be an issue for us.  Hope you find these recipes helpful!

Quick meal ideas:

  • Baked white or sweet potato with butter and sour cream (a favorite dinner!).  Easy to serve in bite-sized chunks or mash with a fork and spoon-feed.  Beware of large pieces of potato skin.  We usually leave the skin on but make sure to cut it up into small pieces.
  • Avocado mashed with banana or baked sweet potato plus cinnamon.
  • Pureed fruit or small fruit chunks/berries mixed with plain whole milk yogurt and ground flax or chia seeds.
  • Overnight Oats: At night, combine 1/4 cup rolled oats with 1/4 cup rice or coconut milk (or milk of choice) and in the morning mix with applesauce, bananas, etc.
  • Lentils or beans!  We keep cooked lentils in the fridge and mash together with various ingredients for a quick meal. Sometimes, it’s lentils and sour cream, or lentils with melted butter and nutritional yeast, lentils with tomato paste and Parmesan, lentils with curry, soaked and chopped dried fruit and a dollop of whole milk yogurt. Get creative – lentils & beans are so versatile.  Please click here for several other lentils recipes, including lentil hummus.  Another favorite is to prepare The Non-Dairy Queen’s Lentil Burgers, but roll a portion of the uncooked batter into bite-sized balls and serve as is. Our daughter loves them.
  • Brown rice bread, toasted with sunflower seed butter (we prefer this brand with no added sugar) or butter & melted cheese, cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Bite-sized brown rice pasta with butter and Parmesan or nutritional yeast.  Throw in some peas for a little green.
  • Cook gluten free grains (millet, quinoa, brown rice, etc.) in the rice cooker with coconut milk or other milk of choice.  Add cinnamon and favorite fruit, or steamed chopped veggies + herbs for a savory dish.
  • Little One loves her dad’s Butterfied Burgers pureed in the blender or food processor with a little sour cream or broth.
  • Roasted winter squash or sweet potato fries – the long spear shapes are great for little baby hands.

Quick easy snacks:

  • Baby Mum Mum Rice Crackers – we buy these in bulk on Amazon. Make sure to sign up for Amazon Mom and take advantage of Amazon Prime!
  • Rice cakes spread with sunflower seed butter, hummus, or mashed avocado.  Kind of messy, and we waited a while on these as the cakes break apart and can be a choking hazard for younger babies.
  • Banana or sweet potato chunks (baked or steamed).
  • A smoothie in a sippy cup (rice milk + berries or a banana.  For some added fat, add a little coconut oil, unsweetened shredded coconut, a few chunks ripe avocado, sunflower seed butter, or tahini).
  • Puffed rice cereal or peas once they get the hang of pinching small foods (usually around 9 or 10 months).
  • Nut Butter Balls (Check with your pediatrician before giving your baby nut butter or honey.  Honey should not be fed to a baby under the age of 12 months.  You can use sunflower seed butter and sub maple or brown rice syrup for the honey.)

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