Bagels & Crunchy Peanut Butter

April 19, 2013

  Growing up in the South, we didn’t do bagels.  Now, there are numerous bagel shops around town, but in my younger years, breakfast side options consisted of toast, biscuits, or grits.  I clearly remember my first bagel encounter.  We were on the way to elementary school, and a girl in my carpool was eating […]

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What We’ve Been Creating

March 30, 2013

Colored Eggs… A wall to display art in Summer’s room… The heart is leftover from last year’s Eric Carle inspired Valentine’s craft and click here for instructions on how to make the wax crayon batik.  Both fun and easy projects. This Easter Sun catcher… Hoping the sun comes out for Easter tomorrow!  Playroom wall art with […]

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Peanut Butter Boy To The Rescue

March 18, 2013

So, I stopped doing formal reviews of products on the blog a while ago for several reasons, mostly because they were starting to feel icky?  Lame?  I don’t know, they just no longer felt right.  I also don’t have a lot of time to blog these days, and therefore, I like to fill this space […]

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Let’s Talk Rice

March 13, 2013

Meals I’ve been enjoying lately… “Fried Rice” Quinoa I sauteed some frozen stir fry veggies and kale in a couple spoonfuls of sesame oil and once they were cooked through added cooked quinoa and then two eggs.  Stirred until eggs were done and then added a spoonful of soy sauce.  I tried sharing with Summer, […]

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Grains & Veggies

March 5, 2013

Maggie has declared March the Month of Macrobiotics. I’ve always been intrigued by the Macrobiotic lifestyle, and although it’s never something I could do 100%, I do like many of the principles.  So, I decided to partake and make more of an effort when it comes to meal preparation.  We still keep meals pretty simple […]

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Goodbye Boring White Onesies

March 1, 2013

Lou asked how I made the tie dye onesies for the baby shower last weekend.  Lou, this post is for you. 🙂 A friend of mine had a hard time finding plain colored onesies for her son and decided to make her own using Rit Dye.  Using her idea, I simply wrapped rubber bands around […]

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Bah-Nana Bread

February 23, 2013

This morning, I hosted a baby shower for a good friend… We brunched… There were quiches (thanks mom & Jessica!), sausage balls, quinoa salad, homemade biscuits (thanks again mom), and chocolate turtle and white chocolate raspberry flavored Bundtinis.  LOVE Bundtinis! There was also some delicious gluten free banana bread.  Summer loves her bah-nanas but usually only […]

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No More Saltines

February 5, 2013

All five of us got hit with that nasty stomach virus going around, and wow, that was not fun.  Not fun AT ALL.  Do you know what’s worse than puking and running to the bathroom hour after hour when all you want to do is lie in bed and sleep?  Watching your three babies go […]

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Let’s Play House

January 15, 2013

So far, the year has been pretty grey in Nashville, and until the sun decides to once again grace us with its presence, we’ve been trying to come up with activities for a rainy day(s).  Enter Play House Project 2013… We used cardboard boxes leftover from Christmas deliveries, and after a few swipes with the […]

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Christmas Eve

December 26, 2012

Our first Christmas together as a family of seven! (Mom, Dad, three kids, and two dogs). We spent a quiet Christmas Eve at home just being together.  The shopping was done (thank you Internet!), and all that was left to do was put on our Christmas PJ’s and have some fun in the kitchen. We […]

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