Omelet Tutorial

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Several of you have asked how I make my omelets, and so I took photos of every step this morning. Now, I have never been schooled in the proper way to prepare an omelet. However, this method is super simple, and it works every time.

First I whisk together 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites with a fork, and it’s much more fun if you do it in a fun bowl from Polly:)


I then pour the egg mixture into a small greased skillet warmed over medium-high heat. Keep in mind, I have a gas stove, and the cooking times may be faster than an electric one.

After allowing the egg mixture to cook for about 90 seconds, I add the fillings to the center of the omelet. This morning, I used this AMAZING cheese….



Allow the eggs to set, and when they are no longer super runny and the cheese is starting to melt (about 1 minute), flip half of your omelet over with a thin metal spatula.



I then let the omelet cook for another minute or so and never bother flipping it.

Goat milk brie omelet with Van’s gluten-free apple cinnamon waffles and maple syrup.

Goat cheese and ham omelet with baked steak fries.